• Serbian Retrospective 24/10/22 - A complete retrospective of Marc’s films will be held at the Jugoslovenska Kinoteka in Belgrade from 29 October to 2 November 2022. LINK
  • Marc Recha retrospective in Italy 12/09/22 - A mini-retrospective of Marc’s films will be held at Kinomax in Gorizia, Italy from 13 to 15 September. Having shot his first film at the age of eight, Marc will […]
  • Variety exclusive on Parallamps new thriller 23/05/22 - Variety magazine’s exclusive of Wild Road thriller giving a sneak peek into two other projects in Marc Recha’s ‘rural genre’ trilogy. (VIEW)
  • Support for The Wild Road in Serbia 13/05/22 - Film Centre Serbia announces Serbian star cast for The Wild Road, tenth feature film, and first thriller: Boris Isaković and Sergej Trifunović. (LINK)
  • Marc Recha shoots his latest film entirely in Cerdanya 11/04/22 - Catalan TV covers behind the scenes filming of Parallamps’ upcoming thriller Wild Road (Ruta Salvage), praising the film’s star cast and use of local actors and locations in Cerdanya, Pyrenees. […]
  • Slovenian retrospective of Marc Recha’s films (continued) 11/10/21 -
    The complete retrospective of Marc Recha’s films will start on 11 October 2021 in Ljubljana and will take place till 29 October.

    It is organised by Slovenian Cinematheque, Kinodvor and Isola Cinema in cooperation with Institut Ramon Llull, Filmoteca de Catalunya, Filmoteca de Valencia with support of Delegation of the Government of Catalonia in South Eastern Europe.

    Q&A with Marc took place Kino Dvor after the formal opening of the retrospective at Kino Dvor and was followed by a reception.(LINK) (VIDEO)

    Other Q&A Session took place on 13 and 15 October at the Slovenian Kinoteka.

    Click here for program.

    Click here for press media coverage.
  • Slovenian retrospective of Marc Recha’s films 25/08/21 - The Slovenian retrospective of Marc Recha’s films will kickoff with a screening of Dies d’agost at Kino Otok in Izola on 27 August. The retrospective will continue in Kino Dvor and Kinoteka […]
  • Catalan Cinema Opens up Post-Pandemic 06/07/21 - Variety magazine’s Cannes 2021 edition announces our upcoming Centaurs of the Night comedy to be shot in Monastery Poblet as part of a post-pandemic new wave of Catalan cinema. (VIEW)
  • Marc Recha’s Retrospective 01/04/21 - Retrospective of Marc Recha’s film opus will be shown at the Filmoteca de Catalunya from 6 to 18 April 2021. The opening night on 6 April 2021 will include a presentation by Marc Recha and Esteve Riambau (director of the Filmoteca de Catalunya). Additional presentation by Sergi Lopez, Xavier Pla and Pol Rodríguez will be on 15 April 2021. LINK
  • ECOC Project 26/02/21 - Ana Stanič has been nominated as an expert to support the Capacity Building for European Capitals of Culture’ (ECOC) project.